A Path of Growth

Founded on the 10th of October 1990 by Lourdes Fellini, Fellini Turismo undertakes its first activities within the first six months of existence with the only help of a small room and a telephone.

One year after establishment, now with a small office and an employee, Fellini began creating and operating unique itineraries for short trips within Rio Grande do Sul. In 1992, once again at a new address, the company experienced an intense period of development leading to a 200% increase in client companies, including many international.

Shortly after this, Fellini began offering its services for small scale events and associates with ABAV, IATA and ABRACE. In 1994, appears the first opportunity to carry out passenger ship hospitality services in the Port of Rio Grande as well as growth in the calendar of events. By the end of 1994, Fellini is working with 8 employees, has attended 26 events throughout the year and is the main local company offering rooming nights in Porto Alegre.
The company then successively participated more actively and consolidated associations with the following commercial and associative entities: ABEOC, EVENTPOOL, BITO e CONVENTION BUREAU.

Between 1998 and 2002, together with 10 collaborators, Fellini worked for 44 congresses and widened the scope of its commercial actions. Activities included carrying out services for companies from the whole of Latin America and developing hospitality services for international and Business missions of various countries, thereby promoting the South of Brazil as destination and important actor in Brazil. During this period Felipe Fellini Sartor, partner of Fellini, starts developing the IT sector of the company. This is followed by another period of growth, and between 2002 and 2006, Fellini worked for 79 congresses, including the Education World Forum (EWF) and the very successful Assembly of the World Council of Churches that welcomed more than five thousand participants from over 120 different countries.

By 2006 Fellini has already developed its own event management system, becomes leader in event management technology in the South of Brazil and had already worked for more than 100 different events. The team then brings together 23 people, trained to offer a top quality service, on top of temporary collaborators that go up to more than 50 people per congress.

The next step was going from a regional service to a country wide and international company operating events in various states of Brazil and some beyond borders.

In order to maximize opportunities, Fellini established partnerships with companies of the same sector and until mid 2014, is proud to have carried out its services in more than 400 events. Today we have a large number of collaborators, and prioritize technical and professional qualifications as well as the use of advanced technologies for administration, organization and marketing strategies.


Fellini Turismo is founded on the 10th of October


Connections made with Associations and Organizations of the sector and entry in the market of Congresses


First big international event: 17th COPAMEDE Congress


Creation of the first Website


Involved in three large scale Congresses the same year


General Motors inauguration event


World Social Forum


4th World Congress of Education


Computerization of management processes


9th Assembly World Council of Churches


Capacity to attend World and National events simultaneously


Internal restructuring to optimize service for Mega events coming up in the years following

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General Terms


• Rates include breakfast and taxes;
• Voluntary Tourism tax ranging from $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 must be paid directly to the hotel;
• Check-in only authorized at or after official check-in time. Early Check-in is only possible if the room is available and should be paid directly to the hotel;
• Check-out after 12 AM is only possible upon availability and should be paid directly to the hotel;
• In the case of a no-show, Fellini Turismo does not exempt the host from paying his stay, and will stay aligned with the hotel´s policy;
• Fellini Turismo is aligned with each hotels policy concerning the accommodation rates for children.

Flight Tickets

• The prices and availability given in the quote may change without previous notice;
• Only the issue of e-ticket guarantees the price;
• Fellini Turismo is aligned with airline policies concerning ticket prices for children;
• Fellini Turismo is a member of IATA – International Air Transportation Association, that aims to regulate and set standards of quality among Tour Operators and all Airlines, benefiting the final costumer who can experience the highest level of professionalism; All other conditions are aligned with the policy of each Airline company.


•The place and time of departure of the tours are set by Fellini Turismo and Fellini will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by delayed passengers.
• The passenger is responsible for any extra cost that he/she has engendered.
• Tours bought at the event must be paid there and then.
• Tours bought before the event or not at the booth must respect the payment method mentioned below in the payments section;
• You must supply your identification number in order to purchase a tour;
• A minimum of 10 passengers are needed in order for a tour to be confirmed.
• Children of 5 years old or under may participate for free.
• Fellini Turismo reserves itself the right to cancel any tour offered in cases of absolute necessity;
• The client will be asked to show his Voucher to the guide or driver before starting the tour;
• Tours operated by Fellini Turismo respect all existing environmental regulations and are carried out by professionals with good professional records.


• If the flight ticket has not been issued by Fellini Turismo it is mandatory to inform the company of the flight arrival and departure information;
• Fellini Turismo is not responsible of picking-up or dropping-off passengers who did not inform the company of their full flight information;
• For regular transfers, every passenger is subject to wait if his/her flight arrives before the official transfer leaving time;
• Regular transfers are a non-exclusive service with date and time of departure previously established. Private transfers are an exclusive service booked in advance and with date and time set by the client, taking traffic and technical feasibility into account;
• Fellini Turismo needs to be informed of any flight changes.
• Unless they occupy a seat for themselves, children under 5 years old do not pay for transfers.
• Passengers are responsible for their belongings;
• Transfers between hotels and the event (if applicable) have previously scheduled times that are approved by the organizers of the event and that are in accordance with the scientific and social schedule. These transfer timetables will not be modifiable under any circumstance;
• The vehicles are all insured and respect legislation in force.

Car Rentals

• The prices Fellini Turismo offer are exclusive;
• The contract must be signed before retrieving the vehicle;
• The basic requirements for renting a vehicle are the following: being over 21 years old, having a driver’s license with a validity of at least 2 years and no restrictions, and having a valid passport;
• Rentals including drivers have to respect the previously agreed upon schedules;
• Any other conditions respect the legislation in force and the contract with the relevant car rental company.


• For payments by bank transfers, it is mandatory to send the deposit slip by fax;
• For payments by credit card VISA, it is mandatory to send the debit authorization signed as well as copies of the necessary documents;
• For billed or parceled payments a registration approval is necessary, and the deadlines vary according to the nature of the contracted services.


• The issue of invoices is electronic and it is held at the company;
• Once issued, the invoice cannot be canceled;
• The invoices will be available for withdrawal at the Fellini Turismo booth during the event. It will only be sent upon request;
• For services hired until 10 working days before the event, the invoice (is requested), will be sent by post to the indicated address;
• Data corrections or modifications are only accepted if requested in writing;
• In the case of flights, the ticket is the invoice.

Cancellations and Refunds

• All cancellations are subject to a $ 50.00 fee. Cancellations requested within 45 days before the event will benefit from a full refund (minus the cancellation fee);
• Cancellations requested between 45 and 21 days prior to the event will be partially refunded. The client will be charged the price of one night and the cancellation fee;
• Cancellations requested 20 days or less before the event will not benefit from a refund;
• Fellini will start sending out refunds 10 days after the event;
• Cancellation and refund requests will only be accepted in writing.


These terms and acknowledgments are in line with Law 8078 of September 11 1990,
Resolution 4107 of 28 July 2004, the DAER, as well as other laws in force.